• Erection & Commissioning

    We are well capable in Erection & Commissioning of ESP of any design. Mostly

    ·         Iron and Steel – Integrated Steel Plants, Sponge Iron Units, Pellet Plants etc.

    ·         Metals – Zinc, Copper and Aluminium Smelters

    ·         Power – Thermal Power Plants, Co-Generation Plants, Bio-Mass Power Plants

    ·         Cement Plants

    ·         Paper Plants

    ·         Chemicals and Fertilizer Units


  • Inspection & Condition Analysis of ESP

    Through the years of serving the industry have gained substantial knowledge and experience in handling and setting right various problems faced in ESP's installed in different applications and industries.

    Inspections We Conduct:

    ·         Mechanical | Electrical | Gas Distribution Flow 

    ·         ISO-Kinetic Tests | Process etc.

    A detailed Test Report Will be Provided on Completion of the inspection with Solutions needed.


  • Revamping & Rebuilding

    Old ESP's require revamps and upgrades. We have successfully revamped and upgraded number of ESP's of various designs, applications, parameters and sizes. Our Team of Expert's Project Planning & Site Management which ensures cost effective and timely execution.

    Re Alignment, Side Wall Pate Repair, Pent House Repair. Hopper Repair, Collecting Plates Change, Electrodes Change, Rappers, Insulators, TRCC Repair. 

    We Perform All OEM Designs of :

    Alstom | BHEL | Research Cottrell | Andrew Yule: Beth / Peabody

    ETS Elex | Thermax | Lodge Cottrell