We are the Manufacturer & Exporter of All Machinery of CEMENT PLANTS

Rotary Kiln Machinery Spares

Shell | Girth Gear | Tyre | Support Rollers | Thrust Rollers Pinions | Coupling & Shafts

Coal Through & Radiation Pipes | Kiln Main Drive Gear Box | Feed Tubes | Air Tubes 

Rotary Kiln Shell:

We are the manufacturer & Exporters and supplier of the Rotary kiln Shells as per provided design drawing and Technical specifications for capacities 50TPD, 75TPD, 100TPD, 350TPS & 500TPD.

We do not compromise on Quality during execution of the job, and a proper assured product can only be dispatched.


Shell section and welding jobs are completely manufactured and assembled in our composite steel construction plant. Tyre was cast in our Foundry.  Deliver ed ready for installation. Our Plant is capable of construction to all types of steel fabrication, with high qualified technical staff, skilled and experienced workers and equipment.
The steel fabrication of the great investments that has been realized all over India (ie. Industrial plants, building, railway and highway bridges, railway cars, cement plants,port and shipyard cranes etc.) has been done in our workshop.


Kiln Support Roller Assembly:

Kiln Support Roller Assembly for Sponge Iron Plants of 50TPD, 75TPD, 100TPD, 350TPS & 500TPD.           

 · Kiln Support Roller with Shaft

            · Kiln Support Roller combine Bearing Housing

            · Kiln Support Roller Lab. Ring

            · Kiln Support Roller Bearings (ZKL, Chinese, SKF)

            · KilnSupport Roller End Cover & Nut Bolts

              Kiln Thrust Roller Assembly for Sponge Iron Plant up to 500 TPD.


 Kiln Pinion:

Kiln Pinion Assembly for Sponge Iron Plants of 50TPD, 75TPD, 100TPD, 350TPS & 500TPD. 

            · Kiln Pinion

            · Kiln Pinion with Shaft

            · Kiln Pinion Plumber Block (Bearing Housing –  Assly.)

            · Kiln with Bearing (ZKL, Chinese, SKF)

    · Kiln End Plate & End Cover & Nut Bolts


Kiln Girth Gear Assembly:

 Kiln Girth Gear for Sponge Iron Plants of 50TPD, 75TPD, 100TPD, 350TPS & 500TPD. 




 Kiln Machinery:

Apart from our heavy machinery productions, we do supply following regular needs of Sponge Iron as per Industry Standards. 

Feed Tube | Coal Through Pipe | Radiation Pipe | Air Tubes | Main Drive Couplings | Pulverizes | RAL Valves