• Collecting Electrodes

    Collecting Electrodes are the collection surface made of sheet metal on which the particulate matter is collected after being negatively charged within the gas passage of the ESP. Designs of the plates vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These plates are secured to the ESP shell at ground potential and serve as the positive anode of the gas passage.   


  • Emitting Electrodes or Discharge Electrodes

    Emitting Electrodes, also known as Discharge Electrodes is the heart of the ESP. These are High Voltage internal and ionizes the gases and creates the electrical field. When the voltage breaks the gas down at the surface of the electrode, it generates corona power. This leads to creation of corona tufts on the surface of the electrode. Negative polarity voltage is applied to the electrode. 


  • Rapping System

    Rapper Systems enable the dislodging of the dust collected on the surface of the Collecting Plates and Emitting Electrodes. Sometimes these are also used for the GD Screens and Hopper Walls. They hit the Collecting Plates and the Electrodes as per a pre-set time interval, which leads to the dust getting dislodged and falling into the hoppers below.  


  • Thermostat Heating Elements

    Hopper Heaters

    Insulator Heaters


    Disconnecting Switch Assembly 


  • Insulators

    Conical Support Insulator

    Cylindrical Support Insulator

    Shaft Insulator

    Pin Insulator

    Wall-through Bushing Insulator